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Catch your Work Place Thief

  Catch your Thief ...

When things start to go missing at the workplace, be it stock, stationary, supplies, personal effects or petty cash, a cloud of mistrust and suspicion hangs over everyone, with each now uncertain whether his or her colleague or friend, is a common thief!  It does not pay for management to allow such an atmosphere of mistrust to remain and tarnish   an otherwise 'happy ship'.

But how do you go about catching / proving who the miscreant is without necessarily involving the Police or higher authorities?With the STARGLOW UV Detective Kit, an affordable yet highly effect way of catching a thief, prankster or saboteur in the act. the Act!

 Catch your theif in the act with Starglow UV Contact Powder



An affordable range of UV Powder based Theft Detection kits





Missing Cash?

Do you have an Employee or a Colleague with fingers in the till?

Missing Stock?

Is your valuable stock going walkabouts behind your back?

False Alarms?

Are you plagued by pranksters setting off 'False' alarms or discharging Fire extinguishers?

Personal Money Stolen?

Has money been taken from bags, wallets or purses?

Then you need a UV DETECTIVE KIT



  How to Catch a Thief...

   Here are a few simple examples of STARGLOW Invisible UV-R technology in action....




are INVISIBLE in Normal Light



Lightly 'dust' the outside of your Cash Tin to ensure the thief is   'UV-Marked' on handling.


STARGLOW UV DETECTIVE POWDER is Invisible in normal light


Cash Box illuminated by UV Blacklight

Be sure to mark your cash with invisible


Notes illuminated by UV Blacklight - Move pointer over the picture


Use STARGLOW UV DETECTIVE GREASE on the key to UV-Mark the thief's fingers.


Key illuminated by UV Blacklight


UV Grease will be Invisible in normal daylight and only show up under UV Blacklight

Key & Finger illuminated by UV Blacklight


Lightly Dust UV DETECTIVE Powder over your cash in readiness for your thief! 


UV Light Reveals the Trap Set!






"It wasn't me. Honest!"

Starglow UV-R Tracing and Detection

Move pointer over image to see UV effect



Get Undisputable Proof...

The core active ingredient in the UV Detective Kits is Invisible STARGLOW UV DETECTIVE Powder, which when discreetly applied to Cash, Property or Stock Boxes etc, will be invisibly transferred to the guilty party without  their knowing.





 STARGLOW UV SECURITY - For use against...

Opportunist Thieves

Disloyal Employees or Colleagues





UV Blacklight
Invisible UV Contact Powder
Dusting Chamber & Brush
Invisible UV Marker Pen
Invisible UV Contact Grease
Latex Gloves & Cotton Bag

MORE INFO        39.99         PRICES

 Each kit contains the essential components required to identify a repeat thief or vandal.



STARGLOW UV-R Technology at Work

Inside each UV Contact product is the active ingredient; STARGLOW Invisible UV-Revealing Particles, amazing microscopic evidence dots which under normal lighting conditions are invisible to the eye and are completely safe and non-toxic .

However when exposed to a UV Blacklight; they will fluoresce brightly and clearly, to indicate where the contact has been made and by whom!



Starglow UV-R Powders are normally invisible in normal light, but they can be removed by thorough washing of skin or clothes.

Note: If you do not wish to be 'marked' yourself, be sure to apply using disposable gloves.




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