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 2004 - 2017 - 13 Years of Innovation




The GLOWTEC FAMILY of BRANDS  (Trademarks)

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Proudly Independent. Passionate about Innovation


We are family run Business based in the North of England, free to innovate and pursue new product ideas with a passion. You see it's not about the money for us, it's about the doing; the discovery and the creation of something new and exciting. This sums us up quite nicely.

Over the last 13 years GLOWTEC has served as the launch pad for countless new products and 'spinnovations' (an existing product modified or re-imagined to serve a different purpose or function) and have several World 1st's to our credit.

We love to engage with our customers and over the years it has been our privilege to have helped many create new product lines or start-up business ventures of their own, with practical advice and assistance when they need it, and inspiration when they get stuck.

We like to think the products we have created (and proudly manufacture ourselves here in the UK) do in some small way make our world a better place and some cases actually save lives!

Thank you for your custom and we hope you visit again soon.




STARGLOW®  A British Brand you can Trust

A range of High-Quality Smarts Paints and Powders


Solvent-Free, Water-Based, ECO Safe Paints


Non-Toxic and Non-Radioactive


Long life - Can be charged / recharged indefinitely


Projected Glow life span of 15+ years


A wide range of colours available


All STARGLOW Products are Made in the UK



British Made for Quality     









The Original Multi-Colour


...and the birth of a new art form.



                                                                                                                                                                               Artist:  M J Blackburn  2003

The World's First Multi-colour Cosmic Ceiling


Mouse-over the picture to see the original STARGLOW FX Cosmic Ceiling in daylight.






Back in 2003 GLOWTEC created a new interior design concept and with it, a new art form was born.  We are of course referring to the creation of  the World's 1st multi-coloured, glow-in-the-dark cosmic ceiling. 

Taking inspiration from deep space images coming down from the Hubble Telescope, we created a new generation of daytime invisible Glow paints along with new Artistic techniques.

With these new materials we were able to recreate the wonders of the Cosmos, such as swirling gas clouds and colourful nebulae.

Now with a STARGLOW FX DIY KIT, anyone can easily recreate this amazing effect in their own home, to bring delight and wonder for many years to come.


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STARGLOW Glow Paints are manufactured here in the UK using the finest 'rare-earth' element; Strontium-Aluminate for State-of-the-Art glow performance and longevity.

This new technology endows GLOWTEC's next-generation Photo-Luminescent powders and paints, with an amazing 10 fold performance improvement over the old low-tech 'Zinc-Sulfide' based products.

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 WASH & GLOW  Hand-Hygiene Training System


WASH & GLOW Professional Hygiene Training Kit


Since it's launch in 2008 our WASH & GLOW Range of Hand Washing and Hygiene Training Products has been enthusiastically adopted throughout the NHS, Private Healthcare and Education Sectors.

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UV GERM  Hygiene Training Range

UV GERM Range - Click here for details

Made here in the UK and used the World over. UV GERM Training Lotion is famous for its distinctive bright green glow. Since it's launch in 2008 we have extended the UV GERM Range to include Training Powder, Sprays, Markers and Grease for Cross-Contamination Training and Surface Hygiene Training.

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DYETECTIVE  Catching Thieves at Work

Catch that Thief with The DYEtective

A New Range of Non-Toxic UV Based Compounds each designed to discreetly 'Stain-on-Contact' someone who is attempting steal, tamper-with or damage property which does not belong to them.

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If you need any help or advice please do call or email us. We love to help :-0)




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Registered in England and Wales 2004. Company No: 5299102
Registered Office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU England

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